A1 Accounting Northern Ireland OUTLINE PRICE LIST

Basic Self Employed Tax Return    £35 to £50
Based on A1 already doing accounts
Based on information being readily available

Band A client                                     £150 to £250
Annual Accounts & Tax Return for Sole Trader with turnover £20k or less
Band B client                                     £275 to £450
Sole Trader with turnover +£20K to £100K

Annual accounts only – tax return as above

Band C client                                     £500 +
Sole Trader with turnover + £100K and Partnerships.

Annual accounts only

Band D client                                     £650 +

Partnerships over £100K, LLPs and small limited companies

Band E client                                     £950 +
Large partnerships, LLPs and limited companies
Partners tax return as above


£5 set up fee per employee
£2 per week – weekly paid

£4 per month – monthly paid


£25 flat rate scheme
£75 standard scheme (or more depending on number of transactions)

Incorporation of Limited Company                        £175   
Corporation Tax Notification                                  £  20
Registering Directors for Self Employment            £  20
VAT Registration                                                      £  35
PAYE Registration                                                   £  35

All Other Work                                 Charged at £40 per hour (hours are divided into a minimum of 15 minute segments)
Note: prices are a guide only and may vary depending on the amount of work required and the time taken.  Prices may be subject to change without notice.