billionphotos-1001319It is important that as a business you maintain a well-run payroll system. You must ensure that wages are paid on time every time. This process can be a lengthy time-consuming chore, using up time and resources that could be better spent focussing on your company’s core activities. As well as this, non-compliance with tax & employment legislation has resulted in ever increasing penalties.

At A1 Accounting our specialist Payroll division can help ease this burden by providing a comprehensive payroll service. Our experienced staff have dealt with all aspects of the PAYE system and will ensure compliance. We deal with a wide array of clients in terms of size and industry sector but our payroll service is  tailored for each company, and includes:

  • Weekly/Fortnightly/Four-Weekly/Monthly payments
  • PAYE & National Insurance contributions
  • Statutory Sick/Maternity/Paternity pay
  • Attachment of Earnings and Pensions
  • Payslip production & postage
  • Electronic Submission of Payroll Data to HMRC

In the event of a PAYE Investigation our staff will liaise with HMRC to clear up any issues and ensure that future Investigation risks are minimised. We only use HMRC accredited software and all data is secured and backed up off-site.


Real Time Information

Real Time Information is the latest piece of burdensome red tape which has been devised by HMRC.  It requires every employer to send payroll information to HMRC every time a salary or wage payment is made. It must be introduced for all employers by April 2013. At A1 Accounting we are geared up and ready for real time information and we can take the burden of this additional bureaucracy off your hands freeing you to get on with the business.

BSX2 will provide a cost-effective payroll solution and will ensure peace of mind and significant cost savings. Our affordable solution provided by our experienced staff will make a real difference to your bottom-line.

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